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The Business Plan is an instrument aimed to describe the contents and characteristics of an entrepreneurial project, and used for the planning, management and external notice of that project. Preparation of the Business Plan requires a deep knowledge of several sectors: financial, economical, managerial and marketing.

A well-structured Business Plan makes that business credible, comprehensible and attractive to those who are not familiar with that business.

To present a well-structured Business Plan does not guarantee a success, but undoubtedly it reduces the probability of a failure. The scope of a Business Plan Assessment consists, thus, in verifying the coherence and cogency of the Plan, together with all the data and hypotesis made to avoid "hidden dangers" (non-verified hypotesis or missing information).

The Business Plan Assessment process is performed following the steps below:

1) Analysis of the impact on the current business;

2) Indentification of the business' risks;

3) Evaluation of the business' risks;

4) Implementation of the Business Plan.


Over a decade of experience with well-known multinational firms let our professionals to follow different approaches for business planning, decide in favour of an appropriate marketing strategy and keeping focus on management plans by identifying and seeking financial needs in order to effectively implement and run business abroad. We keep crucial attention on the business plan drafting by complying with technical parameters of main funding sources (see our partners among investment funds and local authorities).