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An accounting-based Due Diligence is defined as the analysis process aimed to evaluate a Company, or a business branch, and targeted to a full-comprehensive economic evaluation. The scope of this can be a Mergers & Acquisitions operation and, so, the correct pricing, after having evaluated the entity together with a narrow description of its potential or its probability of default.

We offer all accounting and audit activities, and run them out with operative endorsement about accuracy of economic and financial company position. Definition of theoretical assets value of target company through overall-to-focus methodologies (company assessment, products-to-market and competitors analysis, financial position and income assessment, environmental risks analysis related to fiscal and legal aspects). Leonardo’s Due Diligence experts want to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the target company, so that a clear evaluation of an acquisition or of a partnership deal can be achieved. Through a final report we show precisely reliefs and liabilities of the target company, i.e. a potential partner, yet indicating safeguards and guarantees that should be demanded during negotiations.